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As you can imagine, Ed has a shitload of character sheets. It includes his various dorky expressions, his look when he was trapped in Gluttony’s stomach, battle damage and after he gets his arm back

I’ve been seeing a few FMA settei floating around today, but this Ed set is missing a little gem I found in this forum:


There are more characters in that link.



It’s fucking red.

I’ve literally waited for this video for years. i’ve been reading the gif in the wrong tone the entire time

Video Game Challenge → [2/10] Friendships
✗ Ellie and Joel (The Last of Us)

"I’m whistling!"
"Oh good. Something else you can drive me crazy with."


harurin + text posts

i cant be stopped

also the text post in the last one is altered a bit from the original but the real one is here (oops i cheated its supposed to be about girls not boys whatever) also some of the caps are from free-caps

reigisa | rinrei | makoto versions

Winry being the cutest little dork when it comes to automail


The first CD I’ve bought in at least a year or two and it’s Future Fish, the ending to Free! Eternal Summer. Of course.

But purchasing it from Animate gets you two awesome bonuses. A clear file with future!everyone and a slim poster containing chef!Haruka.